Real Work for a Real Cause

[Creative + Cause]

FORCE, an initiative of Fulcrum Creatives, matches a team of seasoned young, talented professionals with a nonprofit, social enterprise or cause-related organization with the goal of designing and implementing a customized creative solution to help you elevate your message from concept to market.

The Client

As a nonprofit, social enterprise or cause-related organization, we understand that impact and tangible outcomes are your real bottom line. But your brand—your visual impact—is key to your success in the marketplace.

Whether your organization is looking to be a disruptive force for good by introducing a new app, a guerilla marketing campaign, or launching a new advocacy project to the marketplace, this customized creative project will help your enterprise take a proactive approach in getting your message heard. Appeal to investors, funders and the communities you serve—elevate your message and force the conversations needed to break cycles and influence positive change.

FORCE is now accepting applications for project work that will begin in either Spring, Summer or Fall of 2017. From there, Fulcrum Creatives will hand pick a small team of talented young professionals whose expertise best matches your unique needs, mentor them and oversee the project management so that the final deliverables meet industry standards. This project is not free for the nonprofit(s) we select, however, pricing is greatly reduced to take into account the level of experience. The creative team will be adequately compensated for their work. Our goal is to create a win-win for both the creative team and the organization. Questions? Feel free to contact us.

Application deadline: October 28, 2016


The Interns

We have experienced, creative professionals in house to help you navigate the process and provide guidance as you create portfolio-worthy work.

Additionally, this project will help you develop relationships in the community to get your career going in the right direction.

A team of young professionals will be selected to create a set of marketing materials for a local nonprofit, social enterprise or cause-related organization.

Designers will be selected based on the skills needed to meet the requirements of the project. If selected, you will be expected to meet deadlines, meet with the client and produce deliverables that meets industry standards. If selected, project work will take place in either Spring, Summer, or Fall of 2017. Questions? Feel free to contact us.

Application deadline: December 16, 2016